2 February 2016

The Haul - Mac

I'm back with a good'ol fashioned haul. I've been wanting to add a few mac blushers and lip liner to my kit for a while now just didn't get round in to actually going shopping and most the time half the stuff I want is always out of stock.

 Top left- Cantaloupe, Azalea,Breath of plum Bottom left- Pinch me, Peaches

I wanted to add a few blushers that I wouldn't normally go for like peaches cantaloupe and azalea, they're not colours I would really go for but wanted to try out, It also is good to have a variety of colours I mean why not !

I originally wanted coppertone surprise surprise it was out of stock, I instead went for peaches, this is a sheertone blush which means its buildable so you won't need to worry about it being so bright in the pan, it will also work with a range of different skin tones. It is matte so this ones for all the matte loving ladies.
Azalea was something I purchased on the spot just because it stood out for me, I do have a bright blush in dollymix by mac but azalea is a blue pink compared to dollymix. It is so pigmented that a little goes a long way like seriously go easy with this blush, personally I believe this will look amazing on women with darker skin tones, it is shimmery which won't make it look flat either and really just compliment their skin tone.
Breath of plum is another sheer tone blush it goes on extremely natural so not overpowering at all, though it is a sheer tone blush I find it is pigmented a little goes a long way.
Cantaloupe is a very warm peach blush,  it blends so smoothly, and well really its just another peachy blush which I just has to get my hands on ha.
Pinch me is one of my favourites out the bunch, its has amazing pigmentation (so mac blushes are really pigmented I think you get the drift lol )  so don't forget to tap off any excess, it gives such a natural look, think pinched cheeks. It looks ok in the pan but when you actually apply this it looks so beautiful, blending is key with this though so don't forget to blend blend blend.

The lip liners I picked were Dervish, Spice , Subculture and Nightmoth.

L-R Subculture, Nightmoth, Dervish and Spice 

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