16 February 2016

The Review/Swatches - Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

I think this is one brand in the beauty world that needs no introduction, it is a brand created by YouTube sensation Marlena from Makeupgeektv. I've been watching Marlena since she first started and learnt so much from her so naturally I was pretty excited that she was coming out with her own line
but residing in the UK means the dreaded customs charges so I always got put off, so you can imagine my excitement when they landed on the beauty bay website. I didn't go ahead and buy any as soon as because I was hoping to get them for Christmas which I did. So I've been using them for over a month now so here are my thoughts.

I can agree with most people out there and say they are pretty pigmented, I do think the pigmentation stands out if you use a base/primer. As you can tell from the swatches I used no primer and base underneath and it still looks pretty good.

It last for about 5-7 hours without primer on me the intensity of colour lasts pretty long though, although the texture is slightly powdery and there is a bit of fall out due to this, it is minimal it's still blendable and pretty easy to work with and at £4.95 I don't think you can go wrong. A lot of people compare these to Mac eyeshadows some people go as far to say they are better than Mac, personally I think both are really similar the only edge Mac has over these is I believe there isn't much fall out at all with Mac eyeshadows whereas the makeupgeek ones do have a bit of fall out because they are so similar it honestly depends on personal preference the Makeup geek eyeshadow are 1.8g for £4.95 and Mac eyeshadows are 1.6 for £10.00 so makeup geek is diffinately worth the money if your looking for great value for your money. So if you want a Mac dupe for half the price give Makeup geek a try ?


  1. I didn't realise these were as cheap as this! They have some fab shades xx

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    1. I know and so pigmented for the price x