17 March 2016

My Dry Skin Saviours

Currently as I'm writing this post the weather is so nice its sunny outside and is the first bit of sun I've seen a long time so hurrah for spring. Spring may have arrived but being a girl who suffers from dry skin and eczema
I seem to suffer from it all year round. I have so much dry patches all around my nose area and around my mouth especially my upper lip area So I've been slathering all kinds of products to make my skin a bit more hydrated but these are the products that really stand out for me they seem to work very well together. The Estee Lauder advanced night repair and Pai rose hip oil I have been using for about two years now in total, so these products are my go to products when my skin is playing up or I'm suffering from bad dry skin. Normally my routine consists of using the advanced night repair first and then leaving that to sink into my skin for a couple minutes and then I go ahead and use my Pai rose hip oil and let that sink now when I do this I don't find a problem with the Estee Lauder ANR sinking in but do find when I use the rose hip oil on top I have to quickly pat it into my skin before it sinks in to my hands this means I sometimes use more oil than I need or have to be super quick with putting it onto my skin.
So being the lazy girl that I am one night I decided to mix in both products and slather it on my face and found it sinks in a lot better, saves me twice as much more time and I'm not wasting any product. I have no idea why I didn't think of this before but hey better late than never. So I've been using this ever since together every night and I really believe I'm getting the most out of the products and it's really helped my skin out. Now I do still have days where my dry skin is quite bad and some days not so bad so if you have any tips or products to help out with really dry skin then please let me know by commenting below so I can try some new products and hopefully get rid of a lot of the dry skin that I have.

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