19 March 2016

My Top Five Highlighters

Since instagram  contouring has been taken on a whole different scale  and the hyped for contouring doesn't seem to be dying down any soon, A new hype has taken over not that long ago called strobing. Now if you're not an Instagram strobing is a fancy name for highlighting, personally I still call it highlighting because I don't really see the point.
Since I have dry skin I use highlighting products quite a lot as it just gives my skin a natural glow and some life into my lacklustre skin. So I'm going to go ahead and let you guys know which products I like using for highlighting.

The Topshop glow highlighter in polish –This is a must have in everyone's beauty arsenal, it's suits all skin types I've never had a problem with clients with oily skin as it does not sink in to pores. It glides on top of makeup not wiping away any foundation underneath and has amazing staying power lasting all day long. I dab it in to my skin with my finger tips as it melts the product making it easier to blend and then use my sigma tapered highlighting brush to blend it in. It's a cream to powder finish. The colour I believe is a mixture in some lights it has a pink shimmer tone and in some lights it's very yellow based honestly it will suit most skin tones.

Topshop sunbeam – This highlighter is similarly flattering as the cream highlighter, its very neutral suiting everyone but has a strong golden pigment, it blends in really easy so it doesn't leave a stripe on your face. A little goes a long way so I recommend using a light hand and keep blending till you're happy with the intensity. Honestly there not much to say because it's a all round good product and only at £10 it's a bargain.

Makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter in golden lights  – This is a pale yellow colour,  so it would suit warmer skin tones best I don't use this as much as I only added this to my collection a few months ago. The powder itself is quite delicate as it is baked I feel like it would easily break so I am careful with it. It's a tad chunky then the Topshop sunbeam highlighter which is a lot more finely milled. If you're looking for something cheaper that's in your budget range then give this one ago.

The Balm Marylouminizer –  This is pretty well-known in the blogosphere it's a nice neutral highlighter that suits any skin tone and any skin type. It's really pigmented so it really depends on what you want,  you can use it really subtly or you can go all out it's entirely up to you. This is something I do use of a lot of clients as I think it works well with photography especially for clients who really want that glowy/ dewy look.

Becca shimmering skin perfect in champagne pop –  I don't think this needs any introduction and pretty sure you all know Jaclyn Hill  from YouTube, she's an amazing make-up artist and YouTube whom I love to watch she collaborated with Becca  to produce the most perfect highlight EVER. I mean I don't even have words for how good this highlighter is, I mean the glow is so beautiful you will just fall in love and it feels so buttery ah its just amazing. Every single time I've worn this I get a tone of compliments,I have used this on clients with all kinds of skin tones and it seems to work well in fact it complements everyones skin tone. I'm not too sure if this is limited-edition I think it is, I will definitely be getting backups.  I am aware that this one is a bit on the high end but seriously if you want to splash out then you have to get your hands on this highlighter.

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