25 March 2016

The Beauty Blender – is it worth the hype?

This little egg shaped sponge has took over the make-up world by storm, with every celebrity, Make-up artists and bloggers claiming it's a must have. Years ago when I first started with make-up I never used a lot of sponges I would use the wedge sponges that you can get from any beauty store but nothing fancy.
Gradually I began to actually like the way sponges set your make up so when the beauty blender came out naturally I was intrigued especially its claims of giving a flawless finish.  I got mine probably about year ago now so I've been using mine for quite awhile not the same one I did buy a new one not that long ago.
The reason the beauty blender is known to be unique is the open cell structure which allows the water to absorb in to the sponge so when you're using your foundation it doesn't absorb all the product.  They have been a lot of dupes of this product but honestly non quite like it, the spherical cone shape really is unique I haven't found one sponge that has pretty much the same shape. The shape means you can use it for anything and everything, the wider surface is used for foundation as the surface area is bigger, when using you use a dab/bounce motion which works brilliantly as it really works the product into your skin without making it look cakey. Having dry skin I've noticed when using a brush Im basically exfoliating my skin which causes more dryness so a sponge is perfect. The cone shape end is perfect for concealer it really works it into the under eye area and also the crevices of my nose, I also use it for highlight and baking with powder. Honestly when I'm using the beauty blender I don't use many brushes unless it's for my eyes which is great because it means less make-up brush washing for me yay!.

I use this on practically every client because the finish it gives is so flawless which is great for photography and it's great for thicker products too the key to this sponge is to dab dab dab.
I use the beauty blender for everything to do with the base concealer, foundation, cream bronzer, cream blush and highlighter. It does recommend to wash the beauty blender as frequently possible I personally wash it every time I use it, as it can breed bacteria.
When I was checking out reviews for this I found out that a lot of people washed this and then put it in a Ziploc bag to dry and then found it mouldy. If you put anything wet in a warm moist area it will breed bacteria and produce mould so please don't do this!.  To dry just leave it in a place where you know its not going to be too warm  and will get some fresh air to make sure it dries evenly.
This product is definitely worth all the hype it gets I mean the hype is not without a reason, the reason being its so easy to use so versatile and saves time from switching to different make-up brushes you're just using one sponge to do most of the work. Now they are a lot of dupes out there I haven't exactly tried every single one of them because I'm so happy with the beauty blender but I will be doing a comparison of the Real Techniques miracle sponge and beauty blender soon so watch out for that.  It does retail at £16 Which may be steep for some people which if it is and you don't want to invest in this that's fine. However if you use it every single day since the time you get it it will last you three months if you don't use it every single day it will last longer and if you think about how versatile this product is and how much uses you're going to get out of it, it might be worth investing in.

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