12 April 2016

The Review - Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask

This is one my favourite hydrating masks I have no idea why I haven't mentioned this before.  Like all Aveda products it had all natural ingredients such as plant extracts and is a aloe-based mask which makes it really soothing.

The recommended way to use this is to apply all over your face avoiding the eye area for 5 to 10 minutes I use it for 20 minutes and I even apply this overnight because it's so hydrating. The consistency is similar to the hydraluron serum by indeed labs and honestly it's an intensified version of that, so if you love the hydraluron you will love this. It gets rid of any flakiness on the skin and hydrates skin so much that it becomes soft and really plump which is why love it. The texture when applied is really tacky once it's sets in which was quite weird for me at the start, I do recommend pinning your hair back when using this as it will start to stick all over your face.

It's an oil free gel-based mask which means it will suit all skin types, contains rose extra lavender and aloe all ingredients that help retain moisture and soothe the skin. It's very very lightly scented so for those of you that don't like scented products you won't even be able to smell it. I have sensitive skin and this mask not irritate my skin in anyway. Its as if my skin drinks this all up as soon as I apply it. I've also used this when I've been out in the sun and I can feel my skin burning, I find it really soothes my skin. If you have severe dry skin I do recommend using this once a week as I don't feel like the effects last too long so I do use this consistently if I want my skin plumped up for a few weeks or I use this overnight as I feel it gives me maximum hydration. I do also use this on clients for 5-10 mins if their skin is really dry it just helps with makeup application, so its great for nights out or any big day you have coming.

I don't use this all the time however when I do use this and then go ahead with my normal skin care routine and make-up everything goes on like a dream seriously it just glides. I can't think of many cons with this product just the fact that you have to apply thick layer onto the skin so you're using a lot more product and the effects are short-term. It retails at £28 which isn't so bad for 150 ml mine has lasted me quite long.

There's not much to say about this product besides it really hydrates and soothes my skin though I do love my origins overnight drink up mask this is definitely a lot more concentrated and the effects on my skin a more prominent so if you suffer from dry skin and want a quick fix that really makes your skin hydrated and plumped then give this a go.

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