21 September 2016

Shopping My Stash #2

I've been trying recently to not spend a lot of money on make-up and instead rummaged through my arsenal of beauty products to find old products that I actually love but seem to go at the back of my make-up draws.  
First up the bourjois matte powder I love this to set my entire face for my under eyes I just go in with a very light hand and less product as a find this works in prolonging my concealer from creasing.  If you are on a bit more coverage its greats of up to however don't get carried away it will get cakey.

Next up is the Mac Strobe cream I love this product I use it mostly all year round but I do forget about it as a try so many different products every day, you can use this all over the face or  what I do is use it on the high point of my cheeks and nose.  When you put a layer of foundation on top of it you can just see the glow underneath and it seems that your glowing from within does wonders for my dry dull skin especially in the winter.

Next up is Mac cream colour base and Shell have mentioned this before but I still don't seem to use it as often as I would like so hence the appearance again. It has a thin consistency so it sinks into the skin seamlessly without making it look like you have a stripe of highlight on. It suits light to medium skin tones so great for the summer and winter.


  1. Desperate to try strobe cream!! I have so many products just lying around, must shop the stash.

    Parie x

    1. shopping the stash is good its like finding new products to play with x