19 September 2016

The Review – Giorgio Armani Loose Powder

Armani describes this as "extremely light and fine, Micro-fil™ loose powder helps reduce the appearance of shine leaving the complexion looking natural and luminous."

I've been using this for slightly over a year  now so here are my thoughts it's a really finely milled which means it doesn't have a powdery look when you use it. It has tiny shimmer particles which reflect, it's not glittery in anyway it just has light reflecting properties So you don't need to worry about looking like a disco ball. However it claims to reduce the appearance of shine, but is luminous at the same time I don't think it reduces any shine but definitely is luminous so I would not recommend this for oily skin personally this is perfect for people who have dry/combination skin as it gives a luminous finish.

I have used this to bake under the eyes and it does not cake up at all it just melts into the skin. I would stay away from using this where they'll be flash photography because it does give off slight flashback because of the small  shimmer particles. I've never use this on its own because I have a lot of redness in my skin and that's just not  possible without some concealer so I would not recommend this to people with problematic skin as it'll emphasise the problem areas. The packaging is typical Giorgio Armani packaging sleek black lid however the plastic tub seems really cheap I feel like it will easily scratch or break which personally is really unusual for Armani they normally have very durable packaging. The sifter I find really annoying because the product is so finely milled it so hard to get it out I find myself tapping it on my hand really hard a good few time before I get little bit product out so I was they had more of the little holes so more products in come out. They only have three shades I have shade one which is the second lightest shade I do find it quite light and there's not much variety for deeper skin tones.

Overall I do quite like this product because it's so finely milled it's undetectable on the skin I usually use it when I'm going for a light base as just give such a beautiful finish. It retails at £33 for 15 g of product so quite expensive compared to others such as the Chanel loose powder which retails at £36 for 30g of product so twice as much product for £3 more! so if you have money to splurge and you have dry skin and love a luminous/dewy look then definitely give this a go, it doesn't feel heavy at all. But if you're on a budget then go ahead and give this a miss.

(as you can see it gives off a slight flashback but still a nice glow to the skin)

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