19 October 2016

Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

I love eyeshadows I think that they make such a difference and recently I've been loving wearing a few shades and just mascara. So I thought I would write about my favourite eyeshadow palettes these are the palettes that I use on myself, on clients and practically everyone as I feel they suit so many different skin tones and eye shapes.

First up the MacWarm neutral palette this has 15 eyeshadows and now retails at £49.50.  I use this palette on a lot of clients as most want pretty neutral soft smoky eye, you have some great neutral and light eyeshadows. Saddle is a beautiful transition shade while amber lights, butter fudge and honeylust are great shimmer shades. I can do very light make-up on younger clients and can do a good smoky eye on everyone else with this.

Next up is definitely one of my favourite palettes ever it's the urban decay original naked palette, I absolutely love this, it has such beautiful neutral shades, half baked is one of my all-time favourite gold eyeshadows that I use quite a lot. You can go really smokey with dark horse and hustle and sidecar is great for a highlight shade I sometimes use it on the bridge of my nose too. It has mostly warm neutral shades which suit me so I go for more warm tones on the eyes.

The Nars and God created women palette This is a great all-round palette and is fantastic for travelling it has six shades with which you can do very simple daytime look and a very glamour smokey eye with some glitter. This palette is great for a starter as it has six shades you cannot go wrong with. These shades aren't very warm though but this still very flattering against my skin tone.

Last but not least the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce vita, this is definitely my favourite of the bunch I don't need to give an introduction of the Charlotte Tilbury beauty products as they are seriously amazing the eyeshadows are so buttery and blend beautifully. This palette has four shades and these four shades can be used on everyone if you want go for something wearable and light you can just use the highlight shade all of the lids but if you want something that stands out the rest are amazing.

I love eyeshadows I have an entire drawer full of eyeshadow palettes do you have any all time favourite shades or palettes you swear by let me know in the comments ?

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