24 October 2016

How I Store My Makeup (Photo Heavy)

I love looking at how people store their make up whether on Pinterest or YouTube, as I'm always looking for new ways to store items and I love to change up things every few months because I get bored of the same thing for too long. So I thought I'd let you guys know how I store my make up this is not all my make-up by the way it's just the main products, I have products in my collection that are also in my kit or some stuff that is in my kit and not in my collection. So without further ado I will show you my make-up storage.

As you can see above this is my main bulk of storage I got this acrylic storage from eBay If you click on the link it will take you straight to the Seller. I got this because I was sick and tired of my Muji acrylic storage as a find it too small for some of my foundations and even powdered Compacts.  It's not organised in the greatest way but it's something that works for me so I'll go ahead and show you how I've organised it.At the bottom I have my concealers I don't have too many concealers but these are the main ones that I alternate between at the back I just have my make-up revolution Contour Kit and a blusher by Kiko because I have no other place to put in case you're wondering.
Next up I have highlighters and my Dior glow primer, anything that gives a glow goes in this draw, I have the Laura Geller Gilded honey highlighter, The Mary loumanizer  top shop glow highlighter  and benefit high beam. Recently I've really been loving the sleek solstice highlighting pallet it gives the ultimate glow.

Next drawer we have blushers this is one my favourite drawers, it houses all the main blushers that I like to use on a daily basis I have a few Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Max factor, Aerin, Tarte Etc.
Here I have all sculpting/bronzing products I pretty much love all the products otherwise I wouldn't have them in my collection but my favourites are the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder, Chanel universal bronzer, Guerlain bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury sculpt and highlight powder and the Benefit hoola bronzer.

This is my foundation draw this does not have is all my foundations these are just a few that I like to switch between and mixup.  At the back starting from the left I have Max Factor miracle match foundation, Giorgio Armani, Nars, Jouer, Bourjois, YSL, Illamasqua skin base, Tarte Amazonian clay foundation, Korres watermelon tinted moisturiser (discontinued) Giorgio Armani and Illamasqua cream foundation.

In the top drawer I have a few miscellaneous products but mainly powders I usually use my Chanel loose powder and Ben Nye banana powder at the back I have the Mac studio fix powder and Tarte Full coverage powder foundation I only use these if I want a much fuller coverage. It also has my sponges here my trusty Beauty Blender, real techniques sponge and a few generic sponges.

Right at the top I have two Muji Drawers bottom one houses some jewellery and lip products that won't fit in anywhere else. And at the top I have my usual skincare bits and bobs.

Now for the rest of the of my beauty items are use the Alex IKEA drawers, I don't use every single drawer for make-up items as I do have other items in there, however I do use a few. One of them is for my eyeshadow palettes they are mainly eyeshadows here but they are a couple of face palettes by Hourglass and Nars and a few extra items which I've put in their like my urban decay all nighter spray.

Now off to lip products I use the Muji 5 Acrylic drawers for lipsticks and lip glosses I mainly use lipsticks then lip glosses hence why I have a lot of them. This is housed actually in my wardrobe I have a pull-out drawer system put in there and on top of their is flat surface so I just put in there because Im very tight on space my room.

And last but not least my lipliner wrap I brought this from Amazon you can get this from any stationery store or from eBay or Amazon it's just a pencil wrap used by artists and I use this because I find it easier to find the lip shades and I also carry this is my kit too really easy for traveling. 

I hope you guys liked my make-up storage/collection is there any specific way use you store specific make up items  if you do then please let me know I love finding new ways to store my make-up.