5 October 2016

In Flight Travel Essentials

Not that long ago I went on holiday in mid June till mid-July so I had to pack essentials for the flight now normally I'm not very good at packing but over the years especially living away from home and being at uni I have become very experienced in packing lightly. So I thought I'd show what I would take on a long haul flight.

First up is hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes hygiene is everything and you never know what germs be flying around on the plane as the airs been recycled continuously I mean even the thought of that makes me feel queasy. Hand sanitisers are pretty obvious they're used to clean hands, I keep antibacterial wipes as I like to clean the armrests and pretty much any of the things that can be touched with my hands. Next up are the technical bits I took my iPad so headphones or must these ones I brought from Typo any decent headphones will do I also brought a dual jack so that whoever's is sitting next to me can enjoy a movie with me or a TV show. They are really cheap and can be brought from eBay. Now going on to beauty products I'm not a big fan of make-up wipes in fact I hate them but I went ahead an brought the Ole Henriksen vitamins C wipes so that I can refresh my skin just before I land, on a long haul flight I don't usually wear any make-up as I like to give my skin a break and don't want any break outs when I land.
I took my usual Lanolips Lip balm as my skin and lips get a lot dry when I'm in the air. I took a hydrochloric acid sheet mask by Etude house and eye patches for my under the eye area as I tend to get more dry around my eyes, you can use these on the flight or what I do is this as soon as I land and check-in I go ahead and put a face mask on and and any eye patches for my under eye area just to perk up my skin for my holiday. Finally I always have a hand cream on me this one is by figs and rouge its just under 80ml so under the airport security limit this one smells really good and it doesn't give the slippery feeling on the hands too

So that is what I take on a long haul flight I know it's not a lot of things but I do try to keep it minimal because I don't like to carry a lot of things while travelling.

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