7 October 2016

The Affordable Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

Is anyone as excited as me for autumn because I mean the thought of hot chocolate, colder days and been cosy under a blanket is just everything for me. So since the days are getting shorter and the temperature is lowering I decided to find a perfect autumnal warm eyeshadow palette and I've been lusting over the Morphe 35O palette for quite a while now and every time I've checked it on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty much to my misery its always been out of stock so when I got a email that it had been restocked on Beauty Bay I had to go ahead before I was too late.

So I've been using this palette for a few weeks now and I love it,
I love the amount of looks I can create with this palette there is a range of shimmer and matte shadows. It has 35 eyeshadows altogether and retails at £19.50 Which is really affordable. The packaging is nothing too flashy it's very simple plastic packaging which for the price is understandable. Normally matte shades can be quite chalky and have a lot of fallout, with this when I first use my brush I thought ooo it's very powdery so automatically I assumed it would have a lot of fallout but much to my surprise I had a very minimal fallout with this, in fact it was very blend able an easy to work with. Its great for anyone starting up a beauty collection or any starting up make-up artists. The pigmentation is great too I swatched a few eyeshdows so you can see the colour payoff for yourself and every single eyeshadow is pigmented not just a few.
If you're not going to be too happy with cheap plastic packaging then it's entirely up to you but personally with the quality of the product and the price and the amount of eyeshadow and you get, this palette is a bargain and if you like warm neutral tones like me you will fall in love with this palette. In fact I'm going to be putting this in my makeup kit I love it that much.

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