14 October 2016

The Review - Omorovicza Deep Cleaning Mask

This mask is a all in one mask it has the effects of a really good facial but instead of using up to two or three different products you're using one product which saves a lot of time and you don't need to spend money on other products. It is recommended you use this before a big event and honestly you really should.

It is a potent and very active mask so it does have the tingling feeling at the start but then dries like a normal mud mask. When you use this every impurity that you have under your skin or on the surface of the skin just comes right up like seriously every pimple, spot red mark anything thats lurking under there just find its way to the surface of the skin so you will probably think you have acne or having a reaction like I did but honestly it's just the mask doing its magic. Even though when I first used this I developed a lot of spots on my jaw line and chin and a couple on my cheek, I was panicking but they did disappear quite quickly, so naturally I don't advise that you use this the night before an event so maybe three or four days before just to make sure the breakout has all disappeared. After the break out your left with a glowing, fresh and renewed skin.
It is a pretty potent mask which is why I would probably use it once a month to give my skin a real thorough cleanse and you only need a small amount to cover the entire face a thin layer is enough. It is pretty pricey but it will last me long as I won't be using as often and you don't need much. If you have cash to splurge and want a product which leaves you with skin like you've been to a spa and had facial then this is a product for you. It retails at £60 and is stocked by cult beauty.

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