10 October 2016

Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

Everyone has the one day they need make-up to last really long whether it be a wedding or a party or anything of that sort. Here are a few of my tips on how to prolong your make-up.

First of all the base now usually I don't honestly like wearing primers because sometimes I feel like it can be a barrier to your skin and does not make the make-up sit very well however with the market broadening the different types of primers there is a primer for every need. I have dry skin so I usually go for something glowy, if you have oily skin I do recommend the make-up forever primers which are suited to different types of skin and work very well.  Next up is a long-lasting foundation now this entirely depends on you and your skin what works for me will not work for you I normally opt for the Giorgio Armani in the skin foundation or the Mac face and body as for me the last long. I also Recommend you use thin layers of foundation/concealer and keep layering until you find the desired coverage make sure your really working it in your skin. After you conceal your dark circles if you have any ( I envy you if you don't!) and or any blemishes it's really important to set this with a powder whether it be a loose powder or setting powder I usually go for loose powder under the eyes and then pressed powder for all over the face, which I buff in right at the end just to work in all the make-up and make it look seamless.
For eyes I like the Urban Decay primer potion and the Nars smudge proof primer I also love the Mac Pro Longwear paint pots in soft ocre and painterly they give a really nice base and neutralise the eyelids for make-up.  For lips I always opt for lipliner even if it's just lipliner I'm putting on as I find these the most long-lasting so if your lipstick wears off the lipliner colour is still there, my favourites are the MAC cosmetics lip liners and Charlotte Tilbury I find there really nice and creamy so easy to apply and last the longest. And last but not least this is totally optional step as I personally find if I don't use this my make-up still seems to last long but if you want to be on the safe side you can go ahead and use the Urban Decay all nighter spray it definitely does prolong your makeup.

Have any tips on long-lasting make-up let me know ?

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