28 October 2016

Tips On How To Stay Organised

Now I am not the most organised person in the entire world but I do try to have some sort of system that works for me and is efficient because I don't have a lot of time in between family time work and other commitments things can get little crazy. I'm guessing most people have the same type of situation going on so these are just a few tips which help me stay organised and try to keep on top of blogging and YouTube, now I am by no means the most consistent I admire people who really are because I know the time and effort it takes to actually blog so hats off to them however I thought I'd give some tips to people who are struggling to find a balanced equilibrium.

Journals and Notebooks
I have a number of notebooks lying around everywhere as I always find inspiration at the most weirdest time usually when its past mid night my wheels just seem to turn a lot easier when it's dark for some reason, it's how I got a lot of my assignments/revision done at uni. Notebooks are perfect for that as if I have any ideas I quickly jot it on any notepad that I have lying around close to me and then go back to it.

Weekly Planner
I really love weekly planners, I used to have one at uni this helped me plan what work I will do on which day and I always try to stick to it as much they can. It also helps me if I need to ring or email anyone I write it down and then get up in the morning and try to tackle my list. The one that I have above is one that I got from Home Bargains for 59p so pretty inexpensive, if you want something a bit bigger then you can go ahead and check out Etsy and Paper chase.

Blogging Planners
This is something that I've been newly introduced to and it has helped me so much to stay organised when it comes to blogging and I seem to have found a good schedule that seems to work for me. The above planners are from Paperchicco This shop is owned by Claudia who also has a blog which is amazing and has seriously good photography skills her photography inspires me.  The blog plan that I have helps me keep track of blog post ideas if I've took pictures edited etc there is also a to-do list and emails to send section which is useful. If you don't know I schedule my posts and my tweets for blog post and sometimes I forget if I've actually scheduled tweets or not and always have to log in tweet deck to find out but with this blog and social media planner I can keep track of scheduled tweets instagram and all other social media absolute time saver.

Washi Tape/Cute stationary
Not everyone needs to have cute stationary or washi tape but it really helps motivate myself to get planning as I am quite a creative person I love creating things especially decorating and making things look pretty. Then once I have constructed a plan it is a lot easier to put that plan into action I feel like I have everything in order and things flow a lot better. oo and some colourful pens never hurt anyone.

Filofax/Leather planner
Once again not everyone has to have a Filofax I have a Kiki K a5 leather planner, this helps me plan overall everything that I do so that includes blog posts, youtube, family time and personal tasks these all so in to my Kiki K planner. I also use washi tape to section off different sections in my planner or create some page flags.  I also have some journal cards which have cute quotes that I just put in my planner to help motivate and keep me focused.

Now these are just a few tips that I use to try and keep myself organised but if there's one thing that I have learnt from being so stringent on my plan is that a lot of times it doesn't always go according to plan and I often found myself getting really annoyed and would always beat myself up about it and it would lead into a negative spiral for me. I've just learnt with time that there are some things that are beyond our control and that's okay, so even though I would advise plan and stick to your plan if anything doesn't go according to plan just improvise and don't let it effect you in anyway. I hope these tips helped.
If you have any other tips on how to stay organised then please let me know?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring PaperChicCo, I'm so glad you love your Planners and find them useful! Also thank you for the blog love too! Xxx