21 October 2016

Tools For The Perfect Base

I've been doing make-up on people for about eight years now and one of the most important things as a make-up artist and something I feel very passionate about and that is flawless skin. I like skin to look like skin with a decent amount of coverage and to achieve that technique obviously a very important but another important factor is the tools that you use the here are some of my favourites that I use on my clients.

First up I stop colour correct this doesn't apply to everyone only some people require some colour correcting I just usually use my fingers and work it in to the skin just so it sets. Next up foundation once again I apply this with my fingers but to blend in I use the real techniques miracle sponge I find this sponge to be one of the best alongside the beauty blender because it gives a really good coverage without soaking up a lot of the product and really work this into the skin I use a tap and bounce motion  I used the flat end for foundation as I feel I get the most coverage. For concealer I use the curved side as it can really get into the under eye area and the crevices of my nose.
After that I bake under the eyes this is a technique used by the drag community, this stops my concealer from creasing and prolongs the wear. While that's baking I go ahead and start contouring normally I would go ahead and use my beauty blender but recently I've been loving the mini real technique sponge I feel like I can emphasise on the contours of the cheek very easily with this. After I'm happy with how long I've baked I go ahead and take the Morphe M501 brush and brush off all the excess powder this is the perfect size for the under eye area not big but not too small either.

Now to set my contour I like to use a powder contour and I go ahead and use the Charlotte Tilbury sculpt and powder brush when I first brought this brush I was very unimpressed but over time it's one of most used brushes for contouring as I feel like it fits perfectly into the contours of your cheek. Then I go ahead and take my Mac 116 brush once again this wasn't one of my favourites when I first purchased but it's now one of my most used brushes, I love this brush because it gives me power and precision of how much blush I want and where I want to place it. After all this is done I go ahead and highlight I love using the Sigma tapered highlighting brush in F35, this is just a simple highlighting brush which works well it's nice and small as you do not want the highlight to be all over your face, just one on the high points of your cheeks and this works well.
And last but not least one of my favourite brushes of the bunch the Bobbi Brown sheer powder brush I love this to buff in everything into the skin very lightly with some really light powder this is just to set everything into the skin and blend it so there are no harsh lines. Out of all the bushes my favourites definitely are the Morphe and Bobbi Brown I feel like, they feel like the most quality brushes so I cannot wait to add more to my collection, anyhow I hope this helped anyone wondering how to perfect that base if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below.

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