3 October 2016

Top Three Lip Products For Dry Lips

If you suffer from dry lips like me then you've probably tried most of the lip balms out there. I always keep myself hydrated but that doesn't prevent me from having dry lips I know diet plays a big role for me as anything with high sodium or salt gets me more dehydrated so I do be careful with what I eat but not to rigid. So believe me I have tried my fair share from the Maybelline baby lips to the Dior creme de rose and so far these are my top picks.

First up of the Nuxe Reve De lip balm this is a hydrating matte lip balm I love wearing this under any matte lipstick as it hydrates but doesn't give any glossy effect which can make the lipstick slip and slide a bit. The scent is so yummy it reminds me of Terry's chocolate Orange so it has a strong citrus scent, it's quite powerful so for anyone that doesn't like citrusy smells I would give this a miss. If I wear this the night before my lips the next morning are hydrated. The packaging is okay the only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it is in a jar I just don't think it's as hygienic but the jar does last quite long. Retails at £9.50

Next up is the most recent one that have been using for the past 8 to 9 months and it's the Lanolips lemonade lip aid, once again this has a strong lemon scent so anyone that doesn't like strong smells stay away. This is more glossy lip balm, it's quite thick but if the temperatures high it melts into a soft balm because it's glossy I sometimes wear it on top of a matte lipstick to give it more of a glossy effect and hydrate my lips. Retails at £8.99

Last but not least the Dior Creme De Rose this has been one of my all-time favourites it is on the high-end spectrum so it is a splurge I've been using this for years until it was discontinued so when it was relaunched again in the summer I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love that I can wear this on its own and it has a very subtle pink colour which would suit anyone and it hydrates amazingly you don't need to wear a thick layer of this unless your lips are very dry and chapped just wear a thin layer and your good to go and its really long-lasting so I find a little goes a long way so the tub lasts quite long. Retails at £20

If you have any favourite lip balms you swear by let me know

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