2 November 2016

4 Tips On Staying Positive

Heres my 4 tips on staying positive

Staying Positive
I know its really hard to stay positive in some situations but try and look on the bright side. What I always do in bad situations that making me panicky, is think that it could have been worse and that there is always a way out if theres a way in. Bottom line is don't give up so easily start think the glass is half full rather then empty

Stop Overthinking
I am a pro at overthinking I blame my family as it seems like I'm not the only one they do exactly the same, when you over think your not thinking about the present but the if's and but's of the future. So your not technically tackling whats in front but trying to prevent a hypothetical situation which has yet not occurred (you still with me )when you do this it just becomes a vicious circle. Try not to get sucked in if I start to overthink I just try to snap myself out of it and convince myself I'm being stupid and distract myself with something that makes me happy.

Forcing yourself to smile really can improve your mood, if I am in one of those foul moods I give sarcastic remarks to everyone and I'm the most sour person ever, I hate that Im like that but hey its just the way it is I'm not perfect but the are ways around it. Research has also shown that a smile makes a person more positive. So next time some one annoys you or the situation gets uncomfortable crack smile what do you have to lose!

Body language
This is actually important, often when people are in a bad situation they want to get out of it so sometimes they may begin to have poor communication, poor posture, avoiding eye contact getting reactive rather then proactive. Seriously body language can really make a difference if someone gives criticism at work ask them how you can improve with good posture look them in the eye and carry on with a positive view rather then negative.

Hope these tips helped

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