9 November 2016


Its very rare that I go through products and then keep repurchasing because with my beauty and skincare obsessions I'm always buying new products to try out so hence I don't end up finishing up products I'm using and tend to switch products around. So I thought I would share the products I frequently go through and keep repurchasing.

First up the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, I've used up so many bottles of this stuff my sisters also swear by this. Its simply like any micellar water, it feel like water so not irritating on the skin keeping in mind I have sensitive skin. I just soak up some on a cotton pad and place it on my eye for a few seconds and just swipe off all my eye makeup

Next the tea tree oil this is a less potent version of the Orgins spot remover and at nearly half the price. It maybe less potent but it still does the trick, it really stops any spots getting bigger and more on the surface. I hate when I get break outs and have to use potent products because I really want to get rid of them quickly but using strong products means I suffer from dry patches. So this is great for anyone with dry skin like me

RĂ©ve De Miel lip balm one of my favourites and is always in my arsenal of lip products. this is a matte hydrating lip balm, that you can apply underneath your lipstick or overnight if you suffering from extensively dry lips.

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