18 November 2016

How To Half The Time You Get Ready In

While I was at University I was always looking for ways to have an extra five minutes in bed because I would be up stupid hours in the night either doing an assignment or watching a TV show. So I'd like to think of become quite a pro halving the time that I get ready in.

Plan Your Outfit  –  I found that planning your outfit the night before saves a lot of time, it just made my life so much easier if I knew what I was wearing a lot of the times are used to dress according to the weather really as most of the time it used to rain or snow. So what I used to do is check the weather the night before figure out an outfit, if the weather seems like it was as predicted I go ahead and where the outfit chosen. The key to this layering if you get hot you can't always remove layers and if its cold you can add.

Plan Your Makeup  – This might sound extensive, but I really used to do this and found it really did help. If I felt like wearing a dark lip I would go ahead and choose the lipstick and just put it out on my desk all ready for me to apply in the morning it just meant that I knew what look I was going for so hence less time for dwelling.

Plan What You Need – This is to include what I needed in my bag I always do this as it means I'm not carrying dead way around and getting tired for no reason. It also means I know exactly what I need and definitely know I have it rather than me rummaging through my bag and not finding it when I need it and coming home to find it was in there all along.

I hope this helps you get those few extra minutes in bed as most of us obviously need in the colder months, I know it helped me so I'm hoping you guys find these tips useful if there's any tips you would like to share just comment below.