16 November 2016

How To Unwind and Relax

Nowadays with the fast pace life everyone is living and busy lifestyle, it can be really hard to find time to unwind or relax for a few minutes. I know I find it hard sometimes to relax when there's so many things going on around me  all at once. So these are just a few things I do to help me unwind and relax.

Decluttering and Cleaning - First of all one of the most important things to me is to have a clean room or clean desk so I can think clearly. So I go ahead and start cleaning up my room and decluttering anything unnecessary that is lying around. Sometimes I go ahead and change up a few things every once in awhile switch such as my make-up, books etc.

List Making - After that is done I go ahead and make a list of tasks that I need to do for today and tomorrow to get myself going. I go ahead and do some blogging too, making sure I'm on top of it. When everything work-related is completed I go ahead and really start to relax.

A Little Bit of Pamper - I start off by taking a shower using a face mask of choice for that week I find this just helps me unwind and relaxes my muscles. I basically go ahead and give myself a bit of a pamper so I can get my skin and hair ready for the week coming.

Time to Unwind - And the next step varies as I may not feel like doing the same rituals every single time because sometimes I like to relax by reading a book or sometimes I like to catch up on my favourite TV shows or any documentaries that I've been meaning to watch on netflix. On the other hand sometimes I like to plan the week ahead this honesty makes little a lot in control and not flustered in any way so I know exactly what Im going to do for the rest of week I use stickers and washi tape to help decorate my planner this helps channel my creative side so it's a nice way to relax.

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