25 November 2016

How To Up Your Insta Game

Recently I've been really into improving my Insta game, and I have found that it helps increases your following and traffic so here are a few tips which I feel will help your Insta game. Here are a few apps which helped me stay on top and help me be consistent with posting.

Quality Photography –  Now you don't need a DSLR  to take quality photos nowadays phones really have upped their quality in camera and features, but to make sure the quality is decent and not grainy. The photo has to be clear enough and grabs peoples attention.

Good Lighting – This goes with out saying you always need good lighting for a good photograph in fact it really helps with the quality of photo just by having good lighting. It can make the product you are photographing look a lot clearer. Natural light is the best, but now with the colder months ahead it gets dark very quickly so using artificial light is the best option if you can't get natural light. If you head over to my Instagram I have posted about a selfe ring light which I purchased not that longer go if you switch it on the other side it gives you good lighting for snap chats or any Instagram posts too.

Consistency – This is another one that doesn't need any explanation other than what it is, I have found recently as I've been a lot more consistent with posts it has had a gradual impact on the following I have. I use a app called Latergram, (this website has change its name to later) this schedules posts. You basically schedule the post online write out the caption and set the time it will then send a notification at that time to post online. All you need to do is paste the caption onto the photo and press post it's pretty simple and easy-to-use.

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