21 November 2016

The Review - Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation

I was going through my makeup and I realised I've never actually mentioned one of my favourite drugstore foundations. Ive been using for slightly over a year and it slowly become one of my favourite bases.
This promises a high coverage that is lightweight, most foundations on the market that have higher coverage also have a more heavy feel which can make it look unnatural. Now on to my thoughts on this foundation.
It offers medium coverage which gets rid of any redness and evens out the skin tone perfectly. It has a natural satin finish not matte but enough luminosity to make it look natural which is perfect and it does not look cakey no matter how much you apply yay!. I find one pump is enough on my skin but if you need more that can be done. It blends so easily on to the skin, I've used fingers, sponge and even brushes with this foundation and I find it works well with everything.
I do have dry skin so I hate when any foundation clings on to dry patches or emphasises them, I don't feel like this does that at all, infact I find it quite hydrating. It does have high levels of glycerin and water which nourishes and moisturises the skin. Though I have dry skin I do find sometimes really dewy foundation can look a bit oily after a few hours, with this my skin feels hydrated but not oily at all. It lasts so long on me it easily lasts for 8-10 hours which is why I've found myself reaching out for this for so long. I don't know why this took me so long to blog about but here it is one of my favourite drugstore foundations at it doesn't break the bank.

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