2 December 2016

The Review - Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

I'm sure you all have heard if Gerard cosmetics it's one of those brands that became well known through social media especially Instagram, so if you're on Instagram you'll probably already heard of them already. 

One of their most famous products is their hydra matte liquid lipsticks. So naturally since everyone  raves about them it was only a matter of time when I would be sucked into the hype. I've had this for a while so enough time to play around. I was naturally skeptical as most liquid matte lipstick are just drying high end or low but boy was I wrong with this, it really does hydrate your lips and doesn't leave my lips longing for moisture at the end of a long day. They do take long to dry they take 2-3 mins but they don't actually completely dry even though they are matte In fact because of this I do find it transfers but it will still have the same intensity and doesn't wear off completely. On me personally it lasts 3-4 hours reasoning being if I'm eating which is most of the time I mean who doesn't love food right? it does wear off in the middle so I find I have to re apply after food so thats understandable. The application is fairly easy its a doe foot applicator which is the usual for liquid lipsticks. Packaging is simple frosted glass with gold lid and is sturdy which I love.
Honestly I would love to purchase more shades they retail at £11.50 and Beauty Bay stock them in the UK. Overall for the price I'm impressed by these, the big selling point for me is that they actually are hydrating as well pigmented and last a fairly ok time. So if you are looking for a liquid matte lipstick that does hydrate your lips and still has a matte finish these are definitely the ones for you!

(Shade Ruby Slipper)

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