23 January 2017

Hudabeauty Rose Gold Edition Palette Hit Or Miss

I've had this palette for quite a while so I've had a good play with it and I thought I'd let you guys know what I think about one of the most talked about and Instagramed eyeshadow palette ever. I don't usually need an excuse to buy make up, so there's not been much the thought process with this product I just really wanted to get my hands on it as I wanted to know what all the buzz was about. Huda is one of the most famous bloggers in the world at the moment, she creates a buzz with almost anything she does. She started off with her blog, which I have been a fan of since she started out, and then she came out with her own line of eyelashes and then slowly it grew with the lipliner is and liquid lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette. I actually haven't tried her eyelashes but I know my sister is a big fan and they do seem like a really good quality. So this is my first product from Huda so naturally my expectations are very high keeping that in mind let's go ahead with the review.

This palette has the most amazing shades with a wide range it is so beautiful it's hard to resist to be honest. The reason why this palette supposed is different from any usual palette is that it includes six textured eyeshadows. If you have not worked with the textured eyeshadows before, they are quite flaky and don't really work well with any type of eyeshadow brush its best you use your fingers as the natural texture of your fingers seems to work best. I already expected that because I have worked with textured eyeshadows before so that was not that much of a surprise for me, so in case you haven't worked with them before just a little heads up. My expectations for this palette were quite high especially since I love matte eyeshadows and the colours are just so beautiful, sadly my expectations were not met and I was very disappointed, the matte eyeshadows are chalky hence they have fallout which can be messy especially when you're in a hurry. The pigmentation is great but because the formula just doesn't do it for me it's so hard for me to love this palette. The first time I used it I really liked the colour shy and it just would not come up on my eyelid it was so difficult to work with, however sandalwood was such a nice colour it was chalky but it was not hard to blend intact it blended beautifully. Sp hence I find that the matte eyeshadows are just a hit and miss some are really great to work with and some are just as difficult.

Onto the textured eyeshadows like I wrote I have worked with these type of eyeshadows before so I didn't find it difficult to work with at all, just use your fingertips and place it on your eyelids right can't be that hard? but if you do have a long nails or grow long nails sometimes like I do, it will be very hard to get into your inner corner of your eye with out poking yourself which can be an annoyance.

Overall for the price of £56 It's so hard not to criticise this palette, I mean thats a lot of money to part with and if I'm not getting top quality eyeshadows in every single colour then honestly I'm not going be very happy. The colours are just such a hit and miss the textured eyeshadows might be flaky for some but like I said I've worked with them before so thats not a problem I quite like the shade range.  I mean I just expected a lot more than just a hit and miss with this and I know she's been working so hard on this and I absolutely love her I will still love and support her but I still cannot justify spending £56 on a palette which I won't be using all the time. It's nice to have in your collection, if you are a make-up junkie then go ahead but if you want to save up on your money then I suggest you give this a miss.


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